How promotional products make your brand stronger


The use of promotional products remains ever popular amongst businesses from a range of sectors and of varying sizes, and this continued favourability towards them clearly suggests they serve their purpose fittingly. However, for those who haven’t yet delved into using promotional products, or are sceptical about their effectiveness, you’re probably asking yourself why they’re continually used.

To help clear things up, we’ve looked at what sets them apart from other forms of advertising and communicating with your customers below.


Promotional products can reach more people than other forms of media such as posters, TV, radio and newspaper ads. Sounds a bit farfetched? Well let’s take a closer look using a branded cap as an example.

On the face of it you might assume a handful of people have probably seen it and paid attention to it. However, if we think carefully, it’s actually likely to be a great deal more. Let’s say the wearer attended a handful of music festivals, maybe a couple of sports events and also wore it out and about, you quickly realise that in actual fact, this one cap was probably seen by thousands of people. Now granted every cap wearer won’t attend events and surround themselves with hundreds of people, but it just goes to show how a few people can help garner such a reach.

This isn’t just applicable to the caps and clothing though. Take for instance a branded pen. It’ll be taken to work, left on the desk, taken into meetings, borrowed to other people – meaning it’ll be seen by a whole host of eyes on a daily basis.

Now to reach this number of people through other forms of media is likely to cost more, making promotional products an ideal choice for cost conscious small businesses, as well as for big brands to integrate it as part of their wider promotional campaigns.


Not only are promotional products more cost effective in terms of average reach, but they’re also seen as being far more memorable than an ad in a magazine or on TV/radio. This is due in part to the tangible nature of them and the fact that over 50% of promotional products are kept for at least a year.

With promotional items being tangible, they can in many cases be physically used, making them more than just an advertising tool. This makes them more engaging than ads communicated through digital and print media. This shouldn’t discredit other forms of communication, as no doubt there are some terrific TV ads which will be remembered for a long time to come, but the amount of work that goes in to conceiving the idea and bringing it to life is far greater than what it takes to have a promotional product designed (even if it’s bespoke in many cases).

It doesn’t matter if the item is as simple as a mug, or a complexed gadget such as a branded mini drone, the vast majority of promotional products can be seen, felt, touched, used and passed on to other people making them ideal tools to communicate your brand.

A final note

It’s thought that the average consumer comes across over 1,500 ads every day, whether that be on mobile, TV, or walking down the high street. Taking this into account and considering how few of them are actually taken on board, we can start to understand why there’s a need to communicate with our customers in a variety of ways – and being memorable is crucial in age of information overload.