Not So Despicable Minions Promotions


The minions are back in Despicable Me 3, and along with their wild antics on the big screen, we’ve seen brands go crazy to offer promotions alongside the movie’s release. It’s no surprise to see big brands jumping on the band wagon given the sheer popularity of minions over the past few years – however what is eye opening is how wide spread they are.

From Kellogg’s in the US, to McDonald’s in Malaysia, we’ve looked at some of the Despicable Me 3 promotions to have surfaced leading up to the movie’s release.

Arsenal Football Club – UK

Starting at home with what might seem like an unlikely partnership. Arsenal Football Club have teamed up with Universal to giveaway a bundle of Despicable Me items to the Junior Gunners members (a membership club for Arsenal fans up to the age of 16).

The target audience for the movie and the general demographic of the Junior Gunners are very similar which means that while this might have appeared to be an unlikely partnership on the surface, it’s likely to work out well.

Leader community news – Australia

Here’s another competition giveaway – this time from Australia. Leader Community News have opted for a similar selection of prizes to that offered by Arsenal above. The collection features a lunchbox, stickers, a magnet, a soft toy, goggles and a dvd.

While the typical audience of The Leader might not be kids who’ll watch the movie, it will certainly appeal to the parents thanks to practical items such as a lunchbox and free cinema tickets.

Magnolia Milk – Singapore

Magnolia Milk provide flavoured milk as well as fresh milk which has allowed them to develop a younger audience while also being bought by adults. They’re offering 4 wonderfully themed tote bags filled with $20 worth of Magnolia milk products.

It’s an interesting approach as it places as much of an onus on Despicable Me 3 as it does to get people to try their products.

Kellogg’s – US

Moving from one of the biggest football teams in England to arguably the biggest cereal brand around, Kellogg’s are another name on the list of companies capitalising on the Despicable Me 3 hype.

We don’t often see cereal brands get involved with offering promotional items in the way they used to back in the 90s, however Kellogg’s have made full use of this opportunity. While many brands have stuck to offering toys and clothing, Kellogg’s have opted for something even more creative by producing Despicable Me 3 themed breakfast and snack products.

A particular highlight are the fruity snacks which resemble the minions, which they’ve carefully ensured steer clear of artificial colours and flavouring, a factor that’s sure to help them appeal to health-conscious parents.


McDonald’s – Malaysia

Wherever there’s a promotional giveaway opportunity, McDonald’s usually aren’t too far away. In this case we’ve seen stores in Malaysia offering a range of small toys coinciding with the release of the movie.

In typical McDonald’s fashion the toys are being labelled as a “collection”, with 2 different toys being released every 6 days through June and into early July. This is sure to encourage kids to collect them all while incentivising them to choose McDonalds as their designated takeaway for the month.

Last words

Not only have we seen a range of brands offering promotional items from around the world, but it’s also highlighted the many ways in which they can be utilised. Whether it’s as part of a competition, a freebie with a purchase or even highly bespoke items, there’s usually a product and a suitable way of offering it for any brand of any size.