Stay Sourced’s Top 3 Movie Tie-in Trainers


The world of promotional merchandise is all encompassing, with there being a wide variety of avenues for businesses of all sizes to venture down. This week’s blog will be looking at the big hitters, the household brands with huge marketing budgets that can afford to create bespoke products to their liking.

We often see a wide range of movie tie-in merchandise emerge whenever a film backed by some degree of hype is released. Clothing often plays a major role with t-shirts and jumpers making an obvious choice. However, what we don’t see to regularly is an onus placed on branded footwear. This could in part be down to the fact that it can involve an added degree of complexity to get right and usually means a dedicated footwear manufacturer has to create them in order to produce a product that’s worthwhile wearing.

While branded footwear might not be common, there are certainly a few pairs that have caught our eyes over the years and we’ve taken a look at our top 3 movie tie-in trainers below.

Adidas x Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars has proven to be a franchise that goes hand in hand with promotional merchandise. There are an unaccounted number of themed items available today which have been aided by its seemingly timeless nature, and the fact it appeals to a wide demographic in terms of age. Products stretch from night wear, to suitcases, to toys and even a wonderfully designed R2D2 egg cup.

The Adidas Superstar 80s trainers were a welcomed addition to the existing range of The Force Awakens merchandise as they offered something different. Footwear is a rare sight amongst Star Wars merchandise and the option to choose between 2 designs, the lighter variation of the Stormtrooper or darker themed Darth Vader design, provided a nice touch and helped to cater to more people’s taste in trainers.

Reebok x Alien Covenant

Alien Covenant was released in April this year and while its box office figures didn’t quite live up to the projected numbers, it still proved to be somewhat of a success. The movie opened the door to an interesting pairing with clothing manufacturer Reebok. Known for their sporting background and urban style, this wasn’t an obvious relationship but was certainly one which had promise.

Reebok went about designing 2 trainers which they aptly named the Alien Stompers with the designs heavily influenced by aspects of the movie. The finish of the “Queen” Alien Stomper replicated that of the gloss finish of the Xenomorph exoskeleton, while the “Powerloader” Alien Stomper’s design reflects Ripley’s (a key protagonist from the movie) battle-ready cargo suit.

Nike x Back to the Future II

Saving the best till last, last year saw the release of Nike’s Back to the Future trainers. Named the Nike Mag, they’ve proven to be one of the most adventurous attempts of promotional clothing and it’s fitting it came from the biggest footwear brand in the world.

The trainers took the self-lacing concept from the 1989 movie and were given a futuristic touch with lights. Only 89 pairs were produced and have been sold, raffled and auctioned off in collaboration with the Michael J. Fox foundation. The trainers reportedly managed to raise $6.7m for Parkinson’s research.

A final word

While creating bespoke trainers might break the bank for most brands, there are still plenty of ways to promote your business with promotional clothing. We’re more than happy to talk you through our options of t-shirts, hoodies, hats and gloves in order to help you find something to suit your brand and promotional campaign.