5 Fantastic Valentine’s Day promotional campaigns


So Valentine’s Day is here, and while many people spend their time declaring their love for one another, it’s also a great time for businesses to join in and have customers fall in love with them! We’ve looked at how a number of brands have done this in the past in some of our favourite Valentine’s campaigns from over the years.

Deadpool Movie Valentine’s Day Posters

deadpool valentines day poster

Posters for the Deadpool movie, featuring Marvel’s a quick-witted superhero known for being anything romantic, were given an overhaul for Valentine’s Day. A twist was placed on the movie with it being advertised as a romantic comedy – a far cry from the actual marketing of the movie which was based around the character’s love for violence and somewhat crude humour.

A fundamental factor in the success of the campaign was people’s familiarity with the actual Deadpool character and the fact that Valentine’s Day portrayal of the movie sat almost at the opposite spectrum to the movie itself.

Ford’s Speed Date

ford speed dating

Creating viral content isn’t easy in this day and age given the fact that so many brands are out there trying to do the same thing – however Ford nailed it having waited till Valentine’s Day to release their video, which given the time of the year, experienced an added boost in interest.

Their Speed Date campaign saw them set up unsuspecting guys on a date with a professional female stunt driver. The date started pretty relaxed in a café but after that it takes a surprising twist for the men involved. They’re led to a Ford Mustang which is “owned” by the stunt driver and then driven to an empty car park where the car is throttled around. All of the footage was captured using hidden cameras and the unsuspecting reactions made for a terrific video.

Innocent’s Love Label

innocents love label

Personalisation has played a large part in many campaigns in recent years, with Nutella and Coca Cola displaying just how popular it can be. Innocent followed suit to an extent when they allowed customers to send an Innocent smoothie to their loved one with a personalised message printed on the label.

We’re often surrounded by a large number of generic marketing messaging so it’s refreshing to receive a personalised form of printed communications. Add the fact that in this case it was a message from a loved one and suddenly it wasn’t just a personalised item, but it also held more of a meaning to them and chances are these particular Innocent smoothies were kept for longer than usual.

Evan Hunt’s Agency Valentines

Evan Hunt vday

Advertising agency Evans Hunt opted for a campaign which centred around not only connecting with their clients, but also providing subtle messaging which was very much in line with the brand and the services they have to offer. They sent their clients personalised love heart shaped sweets featuring lines such as “talk copy to me” and “brief me good”, which were sure to bring a smile and resonate a positive towards Evan Hunt.

We’ve previously touched on the benefits of edible promotional products and this is another showing of the manner in which they can be utilised. Virtually everyone likes a sweet treat and if you can add a line or 2 that might raise a smile then it’ll remain that bit more memorable.

Tesco’s Basket Dating

tesco basket love

Leading supermarket chain Tesco created a Valentine’s Day campaign which drew intrigue for its originality. Taking a spin on dating sites and the manner in which they pair partners through matching specific tastes and characteristics, Tesco opted to see if people could find love according to their typical shopping basket.

The process saw several participants place items they’d typically buy into a shopping basket. These baskets were then paired up by Psychotherapist Rachel Morris in accordance to who she felt were best suited to each other. The singletons were then filmed meeting for the first time in a Tesco aisle and were then sent on a date. While the outcome of the dates wasn’t clear, the originality and intrigue it drew made the ad a hit.

The variety of marketing campaigns featured, stretching from print to digital, show just how many options there are to promote your brand with a little creative thinking. If you’re looking for ways to promote your business alongside upcoming events such as Easter then feel free to give us a shout. We love helping businesses find their perfect promotions.