4 of our fave Easter marketing campaigns


With the winter now behind us (hopefully), we can look forward to a little more sunshine and blue skies, and along with it the next big event in the calendar, Easter. While some businesses have been preparing their Easter promotions for a few weeks now, others are yet to get started – either way, Easter makes for a great time to promote your brand and usually allows businesses to have a degree of fun so making the most of it is certainly worthwhile.

We’ve looked at what some of the big brands have served up as part of their Easter promotions from over the years to help inspire you.

Carlsberg’s chocolate bar

Carlsberg took the meaning of a ‘chocolate bar’ to a whole new level when they unveiled their life-sized bar, made completely out of chocolate in 2016. The pop-up bar was mounted onto the old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch and measured 5 metres wide, 2 metres high and 3 metres in depth.

It featured everything a traditional bar would in chocolate form, from a darts board, to bar stools, to a TV. They completed the promotion by serving half pints of Carlsberg in branded chocolate glasses, making it not only a spectacle for onlookers but also engaging for those wanting to have a drink. It’s fair to say they lived up to the “If Carlsberg Did…” tagline yet again with this promotion.

Aldi’s Easter gorilla

Aldi aren’t shy of taking shots at the bring brands, and they’ve become known for happily taking the mick in their advertising. Last year saw them reference the Cadbury drum playing gorilla ad – however they placed their on twist on it. Aldi’s ad features the gorilla doing an awful job of playing the drums after seeing the price comparison between a Lindt Easter bunny and an Aldi one.

While the ad didn’t set social media alight as many popular TV ads do these days, the light-hearted nature appealed to us and many viewers around the UK. Add this to that the fact we all love an underdog, and while Aldi has now become a well-established supermarket in the UK, you can’t help but smile at their bold moves when taking on their more formidable competition.

Cadbury’s Loch Ness eggs

The Cadbury Loch Ness monster promotion was part of a wider Easter campaign which was named #EggsEverywhere. The campaign focused on Easter themed chocolate from Cadbury appearing up and down the country – however the most impressive appearance was the submerged eggs in Scotland’s well-renowned loch.

The largest of the eggs weighed around 4 tonnes while standing 15 metres tall. The scale of the eggs along with the bold choice of colour made it an unmissable sight for those passing by. There’s something about outrageously sized promotions which draws us in and Cadbury’s is up there with some of the best.

Co-Op’s Eggsperiment

Co-Op helped to instil a feel-good factor with their Easter campaign. They placed actors who looked as if they were in need of help in busy locations and then rewarded passers-by with Easter eggs if they actually offered to help them. There were a number of scenarios which ranged from a man struggling to eat his sandwich due to his arms being in casts along with a delivery man dropping a stack of boxes.

Co-op referred to it as their ‘hunt for good-eggs’ and it proved fruitful. Each scenario was filmed and in finding the kind-hearted side of people, their collection of videos also racked up well over 1 million views on YouTube.

Over to you…

If you’re looking to join in with the fun of promoting your brand this Easter but don’t quite have the budget to splash out on a tonne of chocolate then there are still a great number of alternatives. You can host Easter egg hunts, giveaway branded chocolate, sponsor local events, put together Easter hampers for customers or even have a bunny dress up competition.

If you’re in need of branded items to put your own stamp on your Easter promotions then we can certainly help.  Along with having a wide selection of general products, we also have items themed specifically for Easter – have a browse and get in touch for a quote.