3 things to consider when choosing your promotional drinkware


Drinkware has become an essential promotional tool for businesses. With a wide variety of bottles and mugs now available, there’s virtually some form of item out there for most businesses.

However when it comes to choosing the drinkware item itself and what you print on it, is it really as simple as going with any one of the may options available and hoping it’ll appeal to your audience – or is there more that you can do to ensure it’s as effective as possible?

We’ve delved deeper into what brands should be thinking about when offering promotional drinkware – see our brief guide of things to consider below.

Type of drinkware

A few decades back the main form of promotional drinkware available was the traditional mug. It’s since became a stalwart within the realms of promotional products and continues to be a favourite for a wide range of businesses. Spend a day in any office and you’ll most likely see a range of branded mugs with a whole host of different company names printed on them. And in a nation of tea and coffee lovers, it’s fair to assume that they’ll remain a much-needed item in our day to day lives for the foreseeable future.

However these days mugs are also accompanied by a whole host of other drinkware options which include the likes of travel mugs, glasses, sports bottles and children’s beakers. With more options now available, you can now play it smart in offering an item which is more likely to appeal to your target audience. For instance, using the items mentioned above, traditional mugs might be best suited to office workers, while children’s beakers would be ideal for young families and travel mugs for commuters.

So while a traditional mug could technically be sued by anyone, there could well be a drinkware item better suited to your particular target audience.

Think about the print

When we think about the majority of branded items (aside from clothing), the vast majority of them are simple in terms of the print design. There’s a great onus places on having the logo printed and occasionally a few contact details alongside it. Now this is fine as it gets your brand across in a no-nonsense kind of manner, however sometimes offering a little more can make all the difference in making a drinkware item memorable.

Take Costa Coffee’s themed seasonal mugs. For the past few years we’ve seen Costa Coffee switch their traditional plain mugs for wonderfully themed alternatives during the festive period. The mugs tend to feature Christmas related artwork which is not only eye catching, but due to their exclusivity, makes them more likely to be kept by customers.

Similarly, many smaller brands regularly add a touch of character to their promotional product offerings with the inclusion of witty lines and pop culture references. This once more helps to make the items unique, and if the print resonates with them then will almost ensure they keep the item for longer.

Your target audience

As with many branded items, they tend to be targeted at one of the following 3 groups – employees, existing customers or prospective customers. How you go about targeting each one will vary, and what they’re likely to look for in the item is also likely to differentiate. Therefore understanding your target audience plays a crucial role in the success of your promotional items.

For example employees will appreciate you giving them free drinkware, and their association with the company will mean (in most cases) they’ll happily use it too. In these instances using just a logo on the drinkware item can suffice. Adding a call to action would simply make it look too salesy and would take away from the gesture of giving them a free item.

However, a loyal customer on the other hand might be expectant of something a little more, whether that be in the form of a premium mug or print on the mug thanking them for their loyalty. The added touch which sets it apart from a regular mug is unlikely to go unnoticed.

On a final note

So there you have a few suggestions on how to go about finding the right piece of promotional drinkware for your business. If you still find yourself struggling for ideas then feel free to get in touch with us or use our brainstorm assistant service which will help you find that perfect promotional product.